Tequila Shot Glasses (set of 4)



These extraordinary shot glasses have the translucent appearance of rose quartz, but they are actually carved from the highest quality, food grade, Himalayan pink rock salt. Salt is naturally anti-bacterial, so these glasses require little maintenance, but don't worry - unlike table salt, the long-lasting mineral salt glasses won't simply dissolve away after one shot,and will bring their unique zest to many a party.
Perfect for tequila, mescal, cachaca, etc
As this is natural salt, these shot glasses will vary in colour from white to a
rosy pink.
You'll be amazed how the rich taste of Himalayan crystal salt enhances the flavour of your favourite tequila, like table salt never did!
A perfect topic of conversation for your party, these tequila shot glasses will grace any bar or table, adding elegance and fun to many a friendly shot or business deal!
The trick to using Himalayan salt shot glasses is to mix drinks designed for downing in one!
Liquid dissolves salt so don't let your shot sit for long, as it will become too salty.
Salt glasses have amazing thermal properties that let them stay hot or cold far longer than glass.
Freezing, refrigerating, or heating them before serving opens new opportunities.Pop them in the freezer overnight to obtain an incredibly frosty-salty glass for that tequila shot.
Size: 3" H x 1.25" dia., 1.2oz (34ml) 
Care: Not dishwasher safe. Just quickly rinse with water and dry with a paper towel before putting away. If liquids are left in salt tequila glasses, they will slowly erode over time. Store in a dry place. Salt is naturally anti-bacterial. 100% Natural. Carved from the finest food grade Himalayan salt. Optimal size for the perfect shot.


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