set Pepper



Beautifully presented set of 6 gourmet peppers from around the world.


Black Jungle Pepper (India) - a sensational taste experience and an amazing aroma. 
Green Jungle Pepper (India - try ground on salads, steamed vegetables, salsas, and in sauces.
White Jungle Pepper (India) - go especially well in sauces, with eggs, and even in mashed potatoes
Pink Peppercorns (Brazil - best used with salmon or in fish soups - gives a nice peppery taste
Red Szechuan (China) - use in dishes such as kung pao chicken, wok-fried chicken, mapo doufu.
Long Pepper (Bali) - use in braised dishes and sauces. Gorgeous culinary appeal.

Gift box: 8" x 5" x 2" (20 x 13 x 5cms)
Individual jars: 1.5" x 1.5" (4 x 4cms)


Weight 0.6kg


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