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Hawaiian Red Alaea gourmet salt has a taste of clean ocean waves. Its distinctive red colour comes from the addition of Alaea (baked Hawaiian red clay) which adds iron oxide, giving this salt its distinctive colour and flavour. This combination was discovered when run-off from the red clay soil ended up in the salt ponds and turned the water and ultimately the salt itself the beautiful red colour.
Milder and less salty than most, the fine salt grains are perfect as a garnish when finishing your favourite dish. This coarse crystal salt adds depth and complexity to savoury dishes with its earthiness.
Wonderful on grilled meats and vegetables, in soups,sauces and Mexican dishes like tamales.
It has a great crunch and a mellow flavour.
Perfect for pretzels.
Great for rimming a Bloody Mary glass.
The soulmate of fresh fruits.

pouch 85g; glass jar 115g

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Red Alaea - (Hawaii)

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