Organic Coconut Blossom Sugar



Indonesian Farmers dish up a Sweet and Natural Taste of Coconut Sugar

Standing so high it can reach the clouds.

Offering shade for people and even for other trees.

Filling hungry stomachs and refreshing thirsty mouths.

Providing a living for lots of people in tropical areas.

How else can you describe the ‘Tree of Life’ - the COCONUT, which offers a sweet and natural taste of life!

Harvested on the island of Java, the coconut tree is tapped twice a day, producing a sap that exudes from the coconut blossom.

Coconut blossom sugar has a delicious caramel flavour and is perfect for use in confectionery and cooking.

Because palm sugar contains the fibre inulin, your body digests it more slowly, so you won’t get the big blood sugar spikes and drops that you would from refined sugars.



Weight 0.5kg