Massage/Deodorant Balls

Himalayan salt massage stones help reduce tension and stress and relieve pain and inflammation. 

The massage stones can be heated in a low heat oven to create a radiant heat that penetrates deep into the muscles. For an effective anti-inflammatory treatment or sports massage, the stones can be chilled quickly in the freezer.

As the skin is the largest organ and absorbs minerals, as well as toxins, there is enormous benefit to be gained by using Himalayan salt stones instead of river stones. The 84+ minerals and trace elements are absorbed through the skin to gently draw out toxins and re-mineralise.

To care for your massage stones, quickly rinse under the tap, dry with kitchen roll, and then apply a light coating of massage oil, organic olive oil or coconut oil and place in an airtight bag. 

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 products