Himalayan Salt

“Salt is born of the purest of parents: the sun and the sea”
– Pythagoras 580 BC – 500 BC

This beautiful, healthy salt from the Himalayan Mountains, which is over 250 million years old, is as pure as the ancient primal oceans
and contains all the minerals and trace elements essential to human life.
The elements trapped within the pink Himalayan salt are small enough to be able to be absorbed by human cells.
Himalayan salt supplies us with a truly ancient ocean of energy and regenerates our body on all levels.
Discover the health giving properties locked into this ancient crystal salt.

We need salt - It is essential for maintaining healthy functioning of the cells, nerve conduction, digestion, absorption and elimination of waste products.
Whereas common table salt can be detrimental to our health, natural crystal salt is reported to have healing properties.  

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