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Beautifully presented set of gourmet salts from around the world.
This set contains 9 gourmet salts: Himalayan Pink, Guérande, Beech Smoked, Black Lava, Persian Blue, Cyprus Flakes, Murray River, Red Alaea and Sweet Salt.
Himalayan - Use liberally on fruit salads, soups, curry dishes and pasta.
Guérande - A favourite French treat is fresh radishes dipped in Guérande. 
Beech Smoked - Takes tomato soup to a new dimension.
Black Lava - Sprinkle on a mango salad for great impact.
Persian Blue - Delicious with fois gras. At its very best with parsnip purée.
Murray River - For a real treat, add to an avocado and tomato salad. 
Red Alaea - Great for rimming a Bloody Mary glass. The soul mate of fresh fruits.
Sweet Salt - An excellent all round pure table salt, as well as a seasoning salt.
Cyprus Flakes - Sprinkle on fresh green salads, or use with an olive oil dip. 

Gift box: 9x9x3 cm (approx), individual pots: 2.5x2.5x2 cm (approx)



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Gourmet Salt Gift Set

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